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Welcome to our world.

Who are we?

We are developers with many flight hours and experience in the technology industry, and we understand how valuable time is and achieving results.

We have a heterogeneous and experienced work team made up of highly qualified IT professionals. We are a group of friends passionate about development, trying to pursue new goals; always striving to find the best talent, new challenges and great ideas to show.

We understand our relationship with customers as a commitment to improve the performance of your business, and we have the necessary technologies and intellect to make you more competitive.

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Why CodeLight?

We are an entity with incredible human value that assimilates, understands and comprehends the needs of our clients; and in turn makes it possible to establish emotional bonds with each and every one of them.

We are the light at the end of the tunnel that grows rapidly; the ray of hope, the solution to the problem that has irrevocably stopped the process. We are the starter motor that drives all the machinery.

  • 1.We See the Developments

    As a technology company, we seek to provide developments that mark a milestone in the digital transformation processes of companies in any social field. We revolutionize the IT sector by establishing new paradigms in technological innovation, code language and automation; with a strong focus on the flexibility, intelligence and security of all our projects.

  • 2.We Touch the Industries

    We have partnered with leading industries around the world to help them scale based on their needs. We encourage them to break the conservative schemes and barriers that prevent change, urging them to rewrite the rules, redesign their operations and respond to the fluctuating demands and competitive challenges of the market.

  • 3.We Taste the Quality

    We believe in software as a high-impact tool, which requires the prevention of future risks for optimum quality. We are governed by strict quality policies to provide solutions that support the requirements of our users, without the presence of errors or failures that threaten the performance of the product.

  • 4.We Listen to our Customers

    Our customer partnership model is a highly collaborative process designed to quickly and flexibly visualize, model, and implement solutions. We exchange ideas and solutions with our clients to discover new ways to create value through the application of data, technology and intellectual initiative.

  • 5.We Smell Talent

    We believe that there are many talented people who require opportunities, and by building strong teams based on mutual collaboration, many obstacles can be overcome. We hire high-potential talents because we know that providing better labor services is the key to providing fast, continuous and long-lasting solutions.

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